Sant shri Ravidass ji ki Aarti bhajan lyrics in Hindi English: Shant shri Ravidass ji’s aarti lyrics chanting to pray to get the blessings for ourselves and our near and dear once. We can bless our near and dear once, friends by sending this aarti or share images with Facebook whatsapp status msg SMS wallpaper hd photo messages pics pictures greetings fb quotes to wish each other


Sant shri Ravidass ji ki Aarti
Naam Terro Aarti Mujun Murare
Harke Naam Bin Jhuthe Sagal Pasare.
Naam Terro Aasno Naam Terro Ursa
Naam Terro Kesro Le Shitkare.
Naam Tera Ambhula Naam Terro Chandno
Ghas Jape Naam Le Tujhe Kau Chare.
Naam Tera Deeva Naam Terro Batti
Naam Terro Tail Le Mahey Pasare.
Naam Tere Ki Jyot Lagayee
Bhaeo Ujaere Bhavan Saglaare.
Naam Terro Tagaa Naam Phool Mala
Bhar Athara Sagal Jhuthare.
Terro Keeya Tujhe Kiya Arpon
Naam Tera Tuhi Chavar Dholare.
Das Atha Athsathe Chare Khani
Ehai Vartane Hai Sagal Sansare.
Kahe Ravidas Naam Terro Aarti
Satnam Hai Har Bhog Tuhare.

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