When is Navratri starting 2018

when is Navratri starting 2018: The auspicious day symbolizes victory over evil. The term ‘Nav’ means nine, and ‘ratri’ means nights and this festival is dedicated to the Shakti which is a symbol of the ultimate strength. Navratri is celebrated twice in a year, one during the spring season and the other one during the winter. Chaitra Navratri will begin on March 18 and end on April 25.

Happy Diwali wishes

Day 1 Pratipada 18th March 2018
Day 2 Dwitiya 19th March 2018
Day 3 Tritiya 20th March 2018
Day 4 Chaturthi 21st  March 2018
Day 5 Panchami 22nd March 2018
Day 6 Shashthi 23rd March 2018
Day 7 Saptami 24th March 2018
Day 8 Ashtami/Navami 25th March 2018