Sheetla mata ki Aarti

Sheetla mata ki Aarti lyrics in Hindi : Legend says that Rishi Sharadwan had two children. Thinking that the two would disturb him in his worship he leaves them in the the jungle. Bheeshma’s father, King Shantanu, comes across the two children and recognises them as Rishi children as they possess deer skin and bow. The king takes them with him and looks after them. On hearing this, Rishi Sharadwan comes and collects the children from the king. As the children grew under the kindness (krupa) of king Shantanu, the daughter was named as Krupi and the son as Krupacharya.Krupi was married to Guru Dronacharya and she was made to stay on the banks of the pond at Gurugaon, while the Guru was training the Kauravas and Pandavas. Krupi due to her penance, became a motherlike figure to all. Later this Krupi became Mata Sheetala Devi.
The temple is famous for its miracles. Some 5000 years ago, the only son of King Puranjet was brought to the temple with paralysis. For around 15-16 days the child was gently wrapped in the mud from the pond and with the blessings of the Devi, the child got well. So the devi is dronacharya wife Krupi, definetly the gurgaon is the place of guru dronacharya his wife is the devi of the city gurgaon, of the famous place Sheetla Mata.


Shri Sheetla  Aarti

जय शीतला माता मैया जय शीतला माता,
आदि ज्योति महारणिसाब फल की दाता (जय शीतला माता..
रत्ना सिंघासन शोभित, श्वेत छात्रा भाता
रिद्धि सिद्धि मिल चवर डोलवे, जगमग चवी चटा दाता (जय शीतला माता..
विष्णु सेवत धाधे सेव्य शिव धता
वेद पूरण वरणत परम नहीं पाते दाता (जय शीतला माता..
इंद्रा मृदंग बाजवट चंद्रा वीना हंता
सूरज ताल बाज़वे नारद मुनि गाता दाता (जय शीतला माता..
घंटा शंख शहनाई बजे मान बता
करे भक्त जून आरती लाखी लाखी हर्षाता दाता जय शीतला माता..
ब्रह्मा रूप वरदानी, तूही टीन काल ग्याता
भक्तों को सुख देती माटू पिता भ्राता दाता (जय शीतला माता..
जो जून ध्यान लगवे प्रेम शक्ति पता
सकल मारोरत पावे भवनिधि तार जाता दाता (जय शीतला माता..
रोगो से पीड़ित कोई शरना तेरी आता
कोढ़ी पावे निर्मल काया अँधा नेत्रा पता दाता जय शीतला माता..
शीतला माई

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